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Dormitory (Double bed)
Only 8 adult (including child) may be admitted in this room
Geasure & TV available, Attach Bathroom & Kitchen
Check-In Time: 11.00AM(Maximum Check-in Time 7.00PM)
Check Out Time : 09.59AM

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14 reviews for Dormitory

  1. Avijit Pal

    suitable for 8 person.

  2. Sujit Chakraborty

    Well condition.


    We visit there in the month of April 18. Very pleasant weather and good location. Winter is suitable for all

  4. Soumen Ghosh

    Very nice place, last year we 4 stayed in the dormitory for one night from 30th Jan and it was a great experience. We just walk in that day and luckily got the dormitory available but this year I want to visit on 2nd January and as per their request I have tried to book the same dormitory for 2nd Jan but unfortunately failed to pay through the payment desk and now showing the date is not availble. This is really a poor way of handling the web booking system. I know the room has been booked on my name but now I can’t pay to confirm the booking and no option to select the date again. This is really horrible experience while trying booking through website. They should come back with a better way of booking and payment. My rating for the location and hotel is 4 star but due to this problem Im giving 2 star. Thanks.

    • Ayan Chandra (verified owner)

      Sorry for inconvenience. You may call our technical helpline no 9153195505 to solve the problem.

  5. Mrityunjoy (verified owner)

    We stayed at Dormitory on 27-Dec-2019. Luckily got the one room just before the journey date. Very nice and clean place. Special thanks to Mr. Pradip.

    In Addition, No Horn, No Pollution only nature and Birds.

  6. Suvo Sarkar

    Very Nice & Beautiful Place..

  7. Nanigopal Sarkar

    very peaceful & beautiful place,

  8. Debiprosad Mitra

    আমরা আটজন পারিবারিক সদস্য সাতাশ থেকে উনত্রিশ ডিসেম্বর দুহাজার একুশ, এখানে ডরমিটরিতে ছিলাম।খুব ভালো ব্যবস্থা ।খাবার ঘরোয়া মানের, খুবই স্বাদিষ্ট।এখানের ম্যানেজার প্রদীপ পাড়ুই এর একটা সততার কথা না বললে অন্যায় হবে।আঠাশ তারিখ, মায়াপুর ঘুরে, রাত্রে চিকেনের ঢালাও আয়োজন ছিল। রাত্রে রান্না চলছে, হঠাৎ কোত্থেকে একটা ব্যাঙ লাফিয়ে পড়ল উত্তপ্ত কড়াইতে, যেন আত্মহত্যা করল।
    প্রদীপবাবু আমাদেরকে না জানিয়ে খেতে দিলে আমরা কিছু জানতেই পারতাম না,অথচ তিনি আমাদেরকে সব জানিয়ে প্রায় কেজি চারেক চিকেন, ফেলে দিয়ে বারবার ক্ষমা চেয়ে, আবার ডিম রান্নার ব্যবস্থা করলেন ।এই সততা বিরল,কেউ এটার অবমাননা করবেন না দয়া করে ।ওনাকে অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ আগেই জানিয়ে এসেছি।সারা জীবন মনে রাখব।
    দেবীপ্রসাদ মিত্র, উত্তরপাড়া, হুগলি।

  9. Debiprosad Mitra

    From 27th to 29th December we(8persons)stayed at Dormitory. Well arrangement. Mr Pradip Parui an excellent honest person.
    On 28th,after visiting Mayapur, we returned and ordered CHICKEN for DINNER,but at the time of cooking came a living frog and jumped directly into the hot cauldron and as if, committed suicide. Total cooking became spoiled, but honest Mr Parui told us all and repeatedly begged pardon, though it was not his fault. He could suppress it all to us,but instead of it,he told us all.He also told us that instantly he would prepare Egg-meal for us.
    We became totally spellbound seeing his honesty.Thanks to that gentleman. We will never forget him.
    Mr Parui is the Manager of that PAKHIRALAYA.

  10. Debiprosad Mitra

    Thanks to Mr PRADIP PARUI,the Manager of that PAKHIRALAYA,the honest man, ever seen by me.

  11. Nanigopal Sarkar

    Good condition room, caretaker very helpful person, cooking & serving is satisfactory. we already visited the guest house with cultural team.

  12. Nanigopal Sarkar

    Good condition room, caretaker very helpful person, cooking & serving is satisfactory. we already visited the guest house with cultural team.

  13. Gour Gopal Nandy


  14. Gour Gopal Nandy

    Nice place

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